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Ready for School

First Behavioral Pediatric Care is an organization dedicated to helping young children with behavioral, communication, and social challenges grow and succeed so they can participate as fully as possible with their families and communities. At First Behavioral Pediatric Care, we provide a comprehensive, integrated multi-disciplinary center dedicated to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of young children with developmental disabilities from the ages of 18 months to 10 years old. We are guided by our core mission to support children with special needs and to always achieve beyond their abilities. By using our evidenced-based practices our team of professionals partner with each family to develop and implement an individualized therapeutic plan for their child.

We combine a variety of therapies including aspects of speech and language therapy, fine and gross motor therapy, sensory integration therapy, socialization with peers, developmental play skills and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Our caring, carefully selected, qualified, and multilingual team are specially trained to address the needs of the children and families with whom they work by focusing on discovering the child's unique potential – adaptively, cognitively, socially and behaviorally. 


Child Model

Clinical Experts

We provide the highest level of clinical expertise to facilitate significant and sustainable improvement for the individuals and families we serve.

Parental Guidance

At First Behavioral, parents are involved in every aspect of therapy. When it comes to your child, you are the expert and united we work together towards the future.


We believe and focus our programs on each child's unique potential seeking to understand their own cognitive, social and behavior profile.


We customize the therapeutic plan for each child to meet his/her needs and incorporate the priorities of his/her family.

At First Behavioral, we recognize that every child possesses unique needs and we tailor our program accordingly. We look forward to working with kiddos no matter where they are on their journey. The therapy your child receives at First Behavioral will be significant in his or her life, and must be involved at home and in other environmental situations in order to receive optimal outcomes. That’s why we not only serve them here in our centers; but we provide families with personalized learning outcomes to adapt and practice at home. Throughout the process, it may seem intimidating at first, but First Behavioral Pediatric Care aims to ease the process and make parents feel comfortable. Our mission is to always achieve those exciting moments with you, like those first conversations with your child. We are devoted to meeting your children wherever they may be on their journey in their developmental stage.