Conditions & Treaments

At First Behavioral, we  specialize in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Depression and/or other related behavior disorders in children from the ages of 5 to 18 years old. We understand that your child is unique and we seek to provide a therapy that fits the needs of that specific child and family.  Our treatment programs are tailored by a team of professionals including mental health counselors, behavior interventionists, and speech therapists. We seek to empower your child by identifying and developing their strengths and passions, and tailoring each goal to their specific needs. Our programs are designed with your families values and priorities in mind, while addressing their deficiencies. We understand that any treatment we provide must always entail providing effective parent workshops where they provide strategies to manage your child's behavior. Parents learn to create structure, reinforce good behavior, discourage negative behaviors, provide consistent discipline, and strengthen the relationship with their child through positive communication and modeling. We make sure that treatment goals aim at behavior change that is impactful to your family life and pivotal to your child’s success.

Mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders in childhood can cause long-term problems that may affect the health and well-being of children and families. Treating a child’s mental health problems as soon as possible can help children reduce problems at home, in school, and in forming future relationships. We understand that for parents determining whether or not your child is experiencing depression or anxiety can be tough. Thats why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children (ages 5 to 12) with behavioral disorders receive behavior therapy for treatment in conjunction with any prescribed medication. 















Early Behavior Infant Disorders Program​ We specialize in providing young children with a comprehensive early intervention program composed of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or related disorders. Our program refers to treatment of the multiple affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, play skills, imitation, emotional, and adaptive functioning. Our mission is to provide the infant and/or child the ability to learn through play, focusing on affected domains and allowing them the flexibility and independence they desire. By doing so we provide their active engagement exposing the child to multiple learning areas throughout the session, and having fun where this allows for the child to stay focused  for longer periods of time, while enabling additional teaching and learning opportunities to occur.

Anxiety & Behavior Intervention Program | Our Behavior Program at First Behavioral is here to help families with children who are struggling with behavior challenges. We believe in the necessity of helping children learn the necessary skills in order to succeed in life and become more independent. Our main focus is understanding those struggles these children experience and help them develop greater abilities and overcome those challenges. Our program focuses in diminishing the symptoms your child may be experiencing while strengthening skills through a unique combination of behavior, emotional, sensory, and cognitive activities that provide connections across different branches of the brain. 

Bullying, Self Image, & Internet Addiction Many children and teenagers spend a lot of time on social media, video games, and other activities on screens. But screens don’t affect kids’ brains the same way that drugs or alcohol would. They may feel like they can’t stop using the internet, but they’re not chemically dependent in the same way. When a child seems unhealthily focused on video games, to the point of social isolation, the behavior may be, rather than addiction, a product of other mental health problems. At First Behavioral, we provide a program where we guide the child or teen in a healthy manner address bullying, self image, and internet usage. 


Learning & Language Intervention Program | The Language and Learning Services at FIRSTAR provides individualized educational evaluations and intervention services tailored to the learning needs of children with developmental disabilities. We break down our curriculum to the child’s individual needs, and provide detailed instruction to enhance students' learning skills by providing opportunities in their natural environment. Our educational specialists provide interactive games, activities, and visuals in order to teach in a way that engages your child to learn. We offer interventions utilizing a multi-disciplinary methodology to address all deficits that child may exhibiting. 

Pediatric Sleep Intervention ProgramSleep problems are common in children and can impact all aspects of a child's functioning. Some problems are a result of the interactions between behavior, environment, and developmental issues. Untreated behavioral sleep disorders can have a significant impact on the cognitive, developmental, and emotional functioning of the child. A complete assessment of sleep patterns, sleep disruptions, and psychosocial factors is recommended in treatment. Behavioral Interventions help children initiate and maintain sleep independently, increasing total sleep and improving sleep quality. 

Pediatric Feeding Intervention Program | Does your child go way beyond picky when it comes to eating? Is your child down to an extremely small range of acceptable foods? Or eating in patterns either by color or texture, that do not make sense to you? These are symptoms of various kinds of feeding problems, usually behavior, sensory, or a combination of the two. Feeding Therapy, or Feeding Intervention programs are developed for children who show signs of food refusal and selectivity and designed to expand their food repertoires, texture, and other food-related problems. Furthermore, research indicates that the sooner an intervention occurs, the more likely good eating habits will be established. Our Feeding Program offers comprehensive care to help your child develop a positive relationship with food. ​

  • Early Behavior Infant Disorders

  • Autism & Cognitive Development 

  • Developmental & Educational Disorders 

  • Emotional Development & Disorders

  • Feeding Disorders

  • Bullying/Self Image


  • Eating Disorders

  • Traumatic Brain Injury


  • OCD, Anxiety & Mood Disorders

  • Social Communication & Social Interaction Disorders


  • ​Internet Addiction