Parents with Child

Diagnosis & Treatment

We provide a comprehensive integrated approach

At First Behavioral, we recognize that every child possesses unique needs and we tailor our program accordingly. We look forward to working with kiddos no matter where they are on their journey. The therapy your child receives at First Behavioral will be significant in his or her life, and must be involved at home and in other environmental situations in order to receive optimal outcomes. That’s why we not only serve them here in our centers; but we provide families with personalized learning outcomes to adapt and practice at home. Throughout the process, it may seem intimidating at first, but First Behavioral Pediatric Care aims to ease the process and make parents feel comfortable. Our mission is to always achieve those exciting moments with you, like those first conversations with your child. We are devoted to meeting your children wherever they may be on their journey in their developmental stage. 

A Step By Step Guideline For Parents


































Discuss your challenges with your Doctor

Step One

When a child begins to exhibit behaviors that cause concern or indicate challenges, families and caregivers need someone they can trust for help and support. We are here to help you every step of the way; providing specialized services tailored to your child's unique needs. First Behavioral therapists have earned the trust of hundreds of pediatricians, schools and families. Not sure where to start? Talk to your pediatrician about obtaining a diagnosis to receiving the care your child needs to lead the life he or she deserves.

Obtain a Diagnosis

Step Two

Evidence shows that proper evaluating your child,  increases the chances a child has to reach his or her potential. We can diagnose children that exhibit behaviors or delays that concern you, at an early age. Observe and take note of your child’s developmental milestones, lack thereof, regressions and any other behaviors that worry you. Discuss these with your pediatrician and if you still have concerns, have them write a referral for a diagnostic evaluation. 

Develop a Therapy Plan

Step Three

We don’t treat a diagnosis. Each kid has unique challenges and abilities. We take this into consideration and teach across different developmental domains. At First Behavioral, each child has his or her own team of talented, passionate professionals with a commitment to create a plan of care tailored for each individual. With multiple coordinated therapies and natural environmental possibilities under one roof, our team collaborates to develop the most effective treatment. Frequency and duration of therapy is determined based on the results of the evaluation, but we follow the guidelines to provide the best possible chance of success and independence.