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Every child can learn if you teach them with dedication and care

First Behavioral provides academic interventions and consultation to improve conceptual and applied understanding of academic skills to serve all students better. Our focused approach uses explicit instruction to enhance students' learning skills. The Language and Learning Services at First Behavioral provides individualized educational evaluation and intervention services tailored to the learning needs of children with developmental disabilities. We offer interventions utilizing a multi-disciplinary methodologies to address issues relating to reading, writing, and mathematics, and spelling.

Educational Evaluations


Our Educational Evaluations look closely at how the student learns and what strategies are required to help them gain new skills and knowledge.

Results you can rely on​

We’ve been delivering results and believe in our students! Our students typically see up to two to three times more growth in their math and reading scores than other students.

Language Specialists​

Our therapists evaluate language and sensorimotor skills and the impact that these skills have on self-care, academic participation, and general skill development.

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