Teacher and Kids in Library

Social Skills

 If your child is struggling to make friends and maintain relationships, social skills teaching can help. Our social skills program for kids is exclusive to First Behavioral as it provides therapeutic opportunities for children to learn and develop socialization among peers. Our social skills groups are designed for children between the ages of 2 - 10 years old, who would benefit from interaction with friends, by expanding their play skills, and learning from others in a group setting. The primary program focus is to help children develop early social skills by helping them expand their strengths and their needs. The curriculum behind the fun is research driven and provides the opportunity for clinicians to track your child’s progress during their time in the group. 

Who are the social skills program for?

Our program are designed for children, between the ages of 2- 10 years old, who are in need of developing play and social skills with others. Our groups are open to all children with a wide range of social, communication, and behavioral needs, that would benefit from instruction in a group setting.

Who needs to attend a social skills program?

  • Engages in limited, restrictive, or repetitive play;

  • Has little or limited functional play skills;

  • Struggles with transitions and group activities;

  • Shows little to no interest in peers;

  • Difficulty tolerating peers in close proximity;

  • Difficult time being flexible in their play, with peers;

  • Have emerging language skills;

  • Have difficulty initiating and responding to social interactions with peers.

Where is our social skills program conducted?

While we plan to accommodate each family’s preference for their child’s group time, it is sometimes necessary to assign children to groups that have availability, and as such, we ask parents to provide multiple availability time slots out of the designated times.

Where are our social skills program located?

Our social skills program are conducted at our office and via Telehealth. The office is designed as a school, so children can engage with different learning materials and models.


How much do the groups cost?

Each of the 90-minute groups cost $55. At this time, we are not able to submit claims to insurers for reimbursement for the groups. However, each parent is provided with an invoice, and if needed, we can provide a medical bill, which can then be submitted to your insurer for reimbursement.